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It is a wrap - Summer is coming! ☀️

End of season is a wrap! Winter season has come to an end but no need to be sad for to long! Zermatt in summer is just as stunning. The days get longer, temperatures invite to sit outside and the birds are back for your morning wake up call. Spring vibes are all over town and Zermatt is slowely unfolding from beneath that big snow blanket.

Time to get your summer holidays sorted! Check out our holiday packages below:

Wanna get in shape for summer and be ready for any adventure it may throw at you?

We partner with local personal trainers, who are looking forward to get your heartrate up while trailrunning at the foot of the Matterhorn!

Or are you looking for a little detox and an experience for the soul? With our yoga retreat you experience the beauty and calmness of Zermatt while focusing on your body and your happiness

From yoga, fitness, hiking and biking, there is something for everyone. Furthermore we are happy to customise any trip for you and your friends with a stay in a charming alpine chalet.

The options are limitless, get in touch and we are sure we can make your Zermatt experience one for the books.

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