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Unique Corporate Experiences in Zermatt

Take your team to new hights: corporate trips in Zermatt

Every now and then your team needs a day out. Zermatt is the perfect location for a corporate trip. Escape the big city life and charge your batteries in the Swiss Alps.

What can you expect from a corporate trip in Zermatt:

  • Stay in a stunning alpine chalet.

  • Dine in Zermatts top restaurants or enjoy a private chef at your accommodation.

Every day is an adventure. Let your team members step out of their comfort zone with a mountain biking excursion or an introduction course to rock climbing. Furthermore hiking is always a winner with trails for every fitness level and a delicious mountain lunch with a view you will never forget.

Unique experiences such as an outdoor yoga session at a lake or a painting class up on the mountain.

Interested in swiss culture? How about an exclusive Alphorn concert for your team where they even get the chance to test their skills on this traditional swiss instrument.

You will see there is no better way to strengthen the team bond then experiencing the stunning environment of Zermatt together.

If you wanna treat your team and create  lasting memories, get in touch. We are happy to costumize a corporate trip to your wishes but also to bring in our top picks and let you choose what suits you and your team best.

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