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Zermatt is full of beautiful and scenic hikes, whilst offering both challenging and easier routes.

Over the years we have adventured out on many of these hiking routes, always finding new ones and even more spectacular places to visit.

Here are some of Peakventures favorite hikes, especially during Autumn with the stunning views of the Larchs that have turned the mountain in to a yellow and orange canvas.



The hike from town through Edelweiss and to Trift is one of the most stunning hikes in Zermatt. You will find no infrastructure on this hike.

Anyone you meet on your way, will have walked from town to the same spot as you.

The trail goes through a small valley, with beautiful landscape - undoubtedly one of the most quiet and peaceful trails in our opinion.

Once you reach Trift Berghaus we recommend you sit down and have some refreshments and a Apfelstrudel.

From Trift you now have plenty of opportunities to either continue your hike or head back down to Edelweiss, where we would suggest you try their carrot cake.

Here are some suggestions should you wish to continue your adventure up the Mountain.

  • Continue on the Edelweiss trail and go over the Hohbalm. The loop stretches over 20,7km. It is recommended to start early in the morning, to avoid walking once it is dark.

  • Climb the Mettlehorn or Plathorn (NR. 33) When going to the Mettelhorn we recommend reading up on the route before starting your hike, as you will embark on some glacier crossing. The correct equipment is therefore needed. For platthorn no special equipment is needed, we do however recommend bringing hiking poles.

  • Rothornhütte (Nr. 34) at the foot of the Zinalrothorn is a popular starting point for ascents of various attractive peaks including the Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn, Wellenkuppe, Trifthorn and Aeschhorn


Wanting to tackle one of the highest hiking trails in Zermatt and reach 3,414m?

Then the hike to Oberrothorn is just for you.

With its original starting point from Rothorn, Peakventure enjoys to kick off the hike from Blauherd, where you start the ascent up the face of Rothorn - making the hike slightly more challenging and interesting.

The trail from Rothorn to Oberrothorn, also called the Path to Freedom, is a hike that is not like other hikes in Zermatt. The trail leading you through unspoilt nature, bare landscape of rock and scree. Stone and sand reveal a special color scheme compared to walking amongst the larchs in Autumn. Minerals in the rock will sparkle in the sunlight.

At the top of Oberrothorn you will get the perfect view of the Matterhorn, Täschalp and glacier. When embarking on the descent we suggest you walk towards Fluhalp and past Stelisee.

Recommendations for this hike: Lots of water, a cap and sunscreen. The trail does not offer any shade and you will therefore be walking in the sun for the whole hike.



This route starts at Riffelberg and finishes at Riffelalp, taking you around the side of the mountain offering breathtaking views of Zermatt village.

At Riffelalp we recommend you have a drink or walliserteller at Restaurant Alphitta.

From Riffelalp you can continue your walk back to town or hop on the Gornergrat Train back down.

5 LAKE HIKE (NR. 11)

While the 5-lake hike is one of the most popular hikes in Zermatt, and therefore most

crowded, it is also one of the most stunning trails in Autumn with the Larchs along the trails.

However, the beautiful autumn colors makes this hike worth the more crowded areas and if you start early you might even beat the crowds.

Starting at Steelisee and continuing on to Grindjisee, Grünsee, Moosjisee and lastly Leisee.

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