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"Experience the Ultimate Winter Wonderland: Zermatt in Late February and March"

Peak weeks are going strong and so is Zermatt. However it is now time for a slower few weeks before it kicks off again.

Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, we can not ask for more. The pistes are perfect and winter hiking is a must when visiting Zermatt at this time of the winter season.

What does Peakventure recommend when visiting end of February and March?

We highly recommend a stop in Findeln. Located just above Zermatt you find this little get away with some of the best mountain restaurants.

Treat yourself to a delicious lunch on a sunny terrasse with a gorgeous Matterhorn view or a well deserved drink after a day of skiing.

Should you wish to make your stay extra special?

  • What about paragling? A once in a lifetime experience with a view like no other and a little extra adrenaline kick. We have tried it and cannot get enough of it. Peakventure would be happy to help you find professional pilots to make it a super fun day.

Coffee coffee coffee

Visit some of Zermatt's cosy cafes and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Whether you being on the mountain or in town, there are several places to choose from.

How to book your Zermatt trip?

Should you not have booked your Zermatt holiday yet? Then take a look at our March package offer and let us show you the beauty of Zermatt.

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